At TTRC Project Training is systematically implemented in the stated modules:

  • Introduction to Project Planning & Management 
  • Problem Statement of the Project & Discussion onto the Project Methodology
  • Project Consultancy and Guidance  - Detailed Training & Analytical Design
  • Software training - CATIA, Creo/Pro-E, ANSYS FEA & CFD
  • Project Documentation Guidance
  • Project Review &  Certification

CAD FEA CFD Training

Process Piping Engineering

HVAC Design & CFD

Project Research Facilitation

Employability Skill Development

Offshore Structural/Marine Design

CATIA Coaching and ANSYS Coaching

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Renowned HVAC Design Courses and Piping Design COurses

BE Final Year Projects and Mechanical Engineering projects

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BE / Mtech / PhD Final Year Engineering Projects

Project Training starts from Rs. 10,000 with Abstract and Project Report

For Civil / Mech / Jet Engine / Turbo Machinery / Aero / HVAC / Oil & Gas related projects, please call 080 4125 6105 / 0484 4030999 / 040 6646 3999

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Project Training at TTRC is “a systematic interactive teaching practice that engages students in acquiring essential knowledge and career-enhancing skills through an extended guidance as per industrial standards, for project execution.”

This is exclusively proposed for final year engineering graduates.

We help students to understand the abstruse process of selection and successful completion of a project and also ensure that they get to choose the most appropriate project that will add substantial value to their resumes.

TTRC Faculty/Associates:
Experts from industry and academia with real time work exposure. Being associated with TTRC you get detailed exposure to Project Management, Product Design (Technical Concepts), Software training, Time & Resource Optimization, Cross-cultural Communication, Presentation Skills & Hands on practice with real-time projects.

Software Tools:

CATIA V5 R20, Creo/Pro-E, AutoCAD, Civil FEM, ANSYS Classic, ANSYS WB, ICEM CFD, Gambit, Fluent, CFX,  CAESAR, E-20 & HAP.

List of Project Topics: 

​Problem statements (Topics) addressed in following Industrial/Research domains:

1.    ​Design & Analysis Projects for Aeronautical  / Mechanical / Automobile Engineers

  • Design & DMU Simulation of Jet Engines
  • Structural Substantiation of Wing Structure –CAE
  • Sheet metal Design& Fabrication study
  • Design & Analysis of Heat Exchangers as per TEMA / ASME – FEA/ CFD
  • Design & Analysis of Boilers – FEA / CFD
  • Design & Analysis of Intercoolers– FEA / CFD
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Processes and Assembly Techniques- Boeing Case Study.
  • Fifth Generation Aircraft and Stealth technology.
  • Application of turbulence modeling in CFD analysis
  • ERP Systems for Aircraft industry.
  • MIS systems for aircraft Industry.
  • Lean Management and Toyota Production System
  • Fatigue resistant design of aircraft components by using risk assessment evaluation
  • Super alloys for aircraft engine application.
  • Multi-body Dynamics of a Governor – CATIA DMU
  • Spherical vessel Design as per ASME part 5- Design by analysis rules and FEA.
  • Analysis affordable roofing system.
  • Advance graph search algorithms for path planning of flight vehicles.
  • Algorithm for parameters identification of aircraft dynamics.
  • Power generation and distribution system for a more electric aircraft.
  • Subjective Factors in flight safety.
  • Methods for analyzing the reliability of electrical systems used inside aircrafts.
  • Review of Technologies to attain sustainable (green) aviation.
  • Study of effects of lightning strikes on aircraft.  
  • Design & 3d modeling of Elevator with CATIA
  • Design & 3d modeling of Aileron with CATIA
  • Design & 3d modeling of Rudder with CATIA
  • Jet Engine Design study – CATIA PLM
  • Design study of Turbofan Engines
  • Design study of Aircraft Hydraulic system
  • Design study of Aircraft ECS system
  • Design study of Aircraft FCS system
  • Design study of Aircraft Fuel system
  • Design study of Aircraft LSS system
  • Design & 3d modeling of single seat Aerobatic Aircraft
  • Design & 3d modeling of 5 seater Aircraft
  • Design & 3d modeling of propeller Aircraft
  • Design of high subsonic Trainer Aircraft
  • Design & 3d modeling of  light weight super cruise fighter
  • CFD Analysis for Combustion in IC Diesel Engine.
  • CFD Analysis for Waste heat Boiler.
  • Flow Analysis in for cavitation in a 2D Pipe.
  • Flow Analysis in a 2D Pipe with different Turbulence Models for Validation
  • CFD Analysis for Circular 3D Nozzle.
  • CFD Analysis for Nozzle with Grooves Design & Analysis of Pressure Vessels as per ASME – FEA
  • Design & Analysis of Vacuum Vessels as per ASME – FEA
  • Design & simulation of Perforated Ducts – CFD
  • Design & CFD Simulation of UAV/MUAV
  • Design of Propeller – fixed/variable pitch
  • Design of Wing Structure / Tail Plane
  • Nose cone Design & CFD simulation
  • Design & FE Analysis  of landing gear system
  • Design & CFD simulation of Ramjet
  • Design & CFD simulation of Scramjet Engine
  • Design & CFD simulation of Axial Flow compressor
  • Design & CFD simulation of Axial Flow Turbine Design
  • Design & FEA validation of Axial Flow compressor
  • Design & FEA validation of Axial Flow Turbine Design
  • Design & CFD simulation Centrifugal Compressor
  • Design & CFD simulation of Ducts – Nozzle / Diffuser
  • Design & CFD simulation of wind tunnel
  • Design & CFD simulation Engine inlets
  • Design Validation (FEM)of primary structure – Bulkheads
  • Design Validation (FEM)of primary structure – Longerons
  • Design Validation (FEM)of primary structure –  Wing mounts
  • Design Validation (FEM)of primary structure - Wing
  • Design Validation (FEM)of LRU mounting brackets
  • FEA of Axial & Centrifugal flow compressor
  • FEA of Axial flow Turbine
  • FEA of Axial flow fans & Pumps
  • Mesh optimization & substantiation
  • Structure – Thermal – Modal Coupled analysis of structures
  • Flow Simulation & boundary layer study of Airfoils - CFD
  • Design Optimization (CFD) of Aircraft Wings
  • Winglet Design validation - CFD
  • Flow Simulation on  Nose cone – Re-entry vehicle- CFD
  • CFD Optimization of Compressor blade for axial spacing
  • Flow Simulation of axial flow compressor blades - CFD
  • Flow Simulation of axial flow turbine blades - CFD
  • Flow Simulation of centrifugal flow compressor
  • Design Optimization (CFD) of Ducts – Nozzle / Diffuser
  • Flow simulation of engine inlets for min. pressure loss- CFD
  • Flow simulation in wind tunnel for various test bodies- CFD
  • Computational analysis of Rudder- CFD
  • Computational analysis of Aileron- CFD
  • Computational analysis of Wing- CFD
  • CFD Analysis of 2D HVAC Duct.
  • CFD Analysis of Curved Diffuser.
  • CHT Analysis of Fins for Heat Transfer.
  • CFD Analysis of Power Plant Vent Silencer.
  • CFD Analysis for Intake and Exhaust Manifold.
  • CFD Analysis for T-Joint.
  • CFD Analysis for flow through Chimney
  • CFD Analysis for a Centrifugal Pump
  • CFD Analysis for a Fluidized Bed for Two Phase Flow
  • Slosh visualization in a spherical tank - CFD
  • CFD Analysis for a Mini Heat Exchanger
  • CFD Analysis for Centrifuge Casting.
  • CFD Analysis for Silencer with different shapes of Perforations.
  • CHT analysis of various different fin models for better heat transfer. 
  • CFD analysis of vortex tube with different inlet sections
  • Slosh visualization and damping in spacecraft fuel tank
  • Design & Validation of Bellows as per EJMA - FEA
  • Design of Automotive Components and Assembly – Axle shafts, Bearings, Crank shafts etc
  • Design Validation Simulation - Weld Analysis - FEA
  • Design of IC Engines – 2/4 stroke, SI/CI engine
  • Design of Stratified charge engine
  • Design  & DMU Simulation of radial engine
  • HVAC Design with CFD optimization
  • Design Validation of Compressed Air piping network (T-Joint &Elbow).
  • Design & CFD of an Axial Flow Compressor.
  • Performance prediction of centrifugal pump with cfd-tools.
  • Computational analysis of Anti-icing system implemented in aircraft wing.
  • Computational analysis of Fuselage structure prediction of Lift & Drag - CFD
  • Computational analysis of Aircraft wing (3D) prediction of Lift & Drag – CAD CFD
  • Computational analysis of intake manifold in Diesel engine - CFD
  • Computational analysis of Catalytic converter- CFD                                                          
  • Computational analysis of Exhaust manifold in Diesel engine-CFD
  • Nose cone design analysis using CFD-Tools.
  • HVAC Duct with four branches analyzed computationally using CFD-code Fluent.
  • Flow analysis of De-Laval nozzle- CFD
  • Flow investigation through Curved annular diffuser.
  • Computational study of turbofan inlets.
  • Flow analysis through a car body to estimate the drag characteristics by using CFD.
  • Structural and modal analysis of centrifugal fan impeller.
  • Thermo-coupled structural analysis of an Axial flow turbine blades.
  • Finite element analysis of an Agitator shaft.
  • Finite element analysis of a pressure manifold block.
  • Finite element analysis of an Axle shaft.
  • FEA of Heat exchanger shell.
  • Structural analysis of a Tri-clamp.
  • FEA of a spherical vessel.
  • Structural and fatigue analysis of a Crank shaft.
  • Non-Linear buckling analysis of a bollard.
  • Fatigue analysis of a dryer vessel.
  • Process Plant Design – Plant lay out and detailing
  • Pipe Stress Analysis & Pipe supports sizing using CAESER
  • Water Hammer Analysis of Piping system in OIL & GAS industry
  • CFD Simulations to Examine Natural Ventilation of a class room in a building
  • The influence of wind direction on the solar panels placed on flat roofs - CFD simulations

2.     Design & Analysis Projects for Civil & Structural Engineers

  • Steel Structure Design & Detailing – CAD
  • FEA Validation of Steel structures against code
  • Failure Analysis of Acoustic Structure
  • Wind Load Analysis of Aircraft Hanger
  • RFP as an alternative building material
  • HVAC Applications to building and industries
  • Concrete structures reliability study
  • Seismic Analysis of Building Structures & Large Equipment
  • Properties investigation of cold-formed steel beam-column joints with bolt-plate
  • Effect of composite on the beam-to-column connections with & without opening in beam web
  • Transverse shear lag effect of the through spine beam
  • Analysis on Earthquake Resistant Properties of RC Core Steel (Circular and I section)Composite Columns & RCC sections Using FEA
  • Nonlinear analysis of rectangular and skewed reinforced concrete slab
  • Fe modeling of bridge sections containing precast panels
  • Analysis on  blast loading and its impact on buildings
  • Failure assessment of concrete beam and steel frame using FEA
  • Finite element analysis and modeling of structure with bolted joints
  • Finite element analysis on the flexural behavior of concrete filled steel tube beams
  • FEA of exterior precast beam-column j-bolt and cleat angle connections
  • Finite element study on the circular concrete filled steel tubular columns
  • Structural behaviour of an open car park under real fire scenarios
  • Ice Screw Analysis (CAD/FEA)
  • Flexural Behaviour of reinforced & Pre stressed Concrete Beams -  (CAD/FEA)
  • Structural Analysis of the Lifting Device Detector Supports (CAD/FEA)
  • Finite Element Analysis of FRP LPG CYLINDER
  • Stress Analysis of Pipe Support Structure using FEA
  • Wind flow Analysis of a two storied villa using CFD
  • Settlement during an earthquake in the unsaturated crest of embankment on soft soil
  • Structural behavior of notched glulam beams reinforced by means of plywood and FRP
  • Thermal analysis of reinforced concrete with GFRP  bar
  • Behavior of ultra-high performance concrete structures
  • Modeling and Analysis of Hybrid Composite Joint Using Fem in Ansys
  • Numerical modeling of rock cross-cut coal uncovering based on ANSYS
  • FEA of Steel Bracing of RC Frames using ANSYS
  • Nonlinear response analysis of offshore piles under seismic loads
  • Finite element modeling of reinforced concrete beam column joint using Ansys
  • Nonlinear FEA of shear wall with varying slit to study ductility factor
  • FEA analysis of steel bracing of RC frames for seismic retrofitting using Ansys.
  • Design & Detailing of Foundations for Steel Structures
  • Seismic resistant design of Structures & FEA  Validation

Procedure & Costing

  1. Email us / meet us for preliminary discussion & identifying the topics of project.
  2. Register withh TTRC (@Rs.5000/-) and get Problem statement & Abstract of the selected topic
  3. After approval from guide/college/university, report for training & complete joining formalities
  4. Candidates can also visit TTRC office for a preliminary project discussion between 10 AM - 7 PM

Session Timings: Standard timing / Flexible timing available
We help students to understand the abstruse process of selection and successful completion of a project and also ensure that they get to choose the most appropriate project that will add substantial value to their resumes.

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